Simple multi-host Flickr front-end

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Gallery is an application that enables you to host multiple web galleries under different domains on a single server. After initial setup it syncs albums and photos with Flickr accounts of configured users.


After installing you need to:

  1. setup database credentials in config/database.yml.
  2. create users in the database.

    Just go to the Rails console and do:

    User.create! :host => '', :flickr_id => '12345678@Z90', :name => 'Your Name', :locale => 'en'

    Do this for all users.

  3. sync photos and photosets with Flickr.

    rake flickr:sync

    You can even setup a cron job to call the rake task once an hour so that you don't have to do it manually everytime you upload a photo to your Flickr account.

  4. Done!

How it works

The flickr:sync rake task downloads all photos from user's Flickr account and stores them in a local directory. Titles and descriptions are updated for existing photos and sets.


Oles Cheresko